PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT is an independent design office, operating on the shipbuilding market since 2002. We specialize in designing ship hulls.

We have extensive experience as well as family traditions cultivated for three generations associated with Gdynia and the maritime industry. The owner, Arkadiusz Pałasz graduated from the Faculty of Ocean Engineering and Ship Technology at Gdańsk University of Technology. His grandfather, Augustyn Pałasz, became employed in the port of Gdynia in 1928 and worked there for more than forty years. Similarly, Wacław Pałasz, his father, has over forty years of work experience in Gdynia Shipyard.

PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT combines quality, professionalism and reliability. As a group of experienced engineers with many years of practice in shipbuilding, we are open to innovative solutions and modern technologies.

PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT specializes in ship hulls. We prepare designs in our own office or provide assistance to companies whose staff need temporary support. We are happy to share the expertise of our experienced and highly-qualified project team. In recent years we have developed our skills by cooperating with various design offices. In our design work, we mainly use NUPAS and Aveva Marine (TRIBON) software. Our office is equipped with AutoCAD, Rhinoceros, FEMAP and Aster software.

We are prepared to make documentation and calculations from the general part of the project. The scope of work also includes the process of approval at the Owner and in the Classification Society. For calculations we use Napa or Maxsurf software, depending on the client's preferences. While respecting all the required shipyard norms and standards, we place special emphasis on the quality of the services we provide.



Arkadiusz Pałasz PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT is implementing an EU co-funded project of "Improving the competitiveness of the PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT design office by investing in specialized software and IT infrastructure"

The aim of the project is to improve the competitiveness of the PAŁASZ MARINE PROJEKT design office by purchasing specialized software for strength calculations using the finite element method (FEM) and 3D modeling, as well as investing in IT infrastructure.

The implementation of the project will allow to introduce new services to the offer, improve the quality, as well as expanding new markets.

Project's value: 293 478,00 zł

Financing from the EU: 119 061,40 zł